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Rating: PG-13 Length: 2h 23min Storyline: In the near future, humans colonize the planet Pandora. Now, the evil corporation, Trintell, is hunting the last remaining Na'vi and has commissioned its leader, Colonel Miles Quaritch, to lead a team of mercenaries to destroy them. The elite warriors they hire include an ex-Marine, a young whiz-kid A.I. expert, a tough ex-commando, an experienced soldier, and a teenage kid named Jake Sully who is the last human left on Earth. Set two centuries after the events of Avatar, the story revolves around a member of the race known as 'the Others', who come to the earth in search of the Avatar, a mysterious being who has the power to control all the elements, and who promises to return to his world of the airbenders to save it from destruction. My Review So let me start by saying I am in no way a science fiction or action movie buff. I will be honest and say that I found this film dull and over-hyped. It's not that the story is bad. On the contrary it is extremely well crafted and moves at a pretty decent pace. What I don't like is the way it is presented. The 'other' aspect of the movie was described to me as being a combination of the events that happened in Lost with Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" where you meet a wise/powerful/old wise guy and so on. I don't see it. I mean whoa, I don't have to be a martial artist to fight, and I don't have to be a mystic to meditate. That's all my Avatar experience was, being chased by an otherworldly predator. So for me it just didn't do it. It certainly made for a great prequel to the first movie though. For those that enjoyed the first film, it's worth seeing for that alone. As far as the effects go, well I am an old school film nerd. I could certainly do without the 3D. I understand that it is for the movie but I did not find it to be beneficial. I have no problem sitting through some hokey effects, but it certainly was not in this film. It's definitely got some interesting bits like the Na'vi and the way the flesh heals on the avatar bodies. All in all I recommend this film to anyone with a good imagination and a sense of humor.



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Download Avatar In Tamil Dubbed Torrent ananadd

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